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Full Version: TNG Upgrade
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Following some good advice in another thread, I'd like to upgrade my TNG installation from 7.0.2 to 7.1.0. I am advised to simply unzip and upload all files, and then to follow the steps outlined in readme.html. I've had so many problems with my host that I don't want to screw this up.
The readme.html requires specific steps that I've already taken. And so:

- Do I need to copy individual files to specific subfolders admin, googlemaps, font and English?

- Do I need to repeat "set permissions?"

- Should I bypass the creation of local folders such as media, photos, etc., since they already are created?

- I'm fairly sure I need to identify host name, database name, username and password, but do I need to follow the readme and create database tables? I would think that doing so would overwrite the current tables, and destroy my data.

There is an express installation that includes: set permissions, create folders, establish database connection (save and verify) and create tables. Would that serve to accomplish the upgrade and if so, do I need to do all the steps?


Download the file from the link

7.1.0 (from 7.x)

and follow the instructions in the ReadMe.html file there exactly.

It sounds like you have downloaded the full version of TNG 7.1.0 - DO NOT use that or you'll wipe out settings and customisations you've made to your site already.

Use the upgrade and follow the instructions.

I am upgrading an existing TNG installation that has been in place for six months.
Yes I understand that you're upgrading an existing site, BUT your initial post referred to things like setting permissions, creating folders etc - all things that are only part of installing and setting up a NEW site.

None of these things are part of an upgrade usually.

The instructions in the file "readme7xx-710.html" are what you should follow for the upgrade.

Boy am I glad I asked - indeed, I had downloaded the full version. THANK YOU!!!
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